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Published: January 24, 2022
by Cooney Funeral Home
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Attending a funeral is not always the easiest experience due to the sensitivity of the occasion. While some people try to avoid talking about the topic, it’s essential to know what to do, how to act, and what to say during the process. Naturally, you’ll want to pay your respects to the immediate family and avoid doing anything that can send the wrong message.

With that said, if you will be visiting a funeral home in Lincolnwood, Illinois for the first time, you can check out this short guide below regarding proper funeral etiquette.

Arriving at the Funeral

First and foremost, you should arrive early to the Lincolnwood, Illinois funeral home. Punctuality is critical during this solemn occasion since you do not want to distract from the service. Arriving 10 to 20 minutes early should be enough to give you some time to interact with the family and other guests before the service starts.

Expressing Condolences

Many times, you might not know what to say to express your condolences to a grieving loved one. In truth, the best way to do this is to keep it short and straightforward — if you have nothing specific to share, a simple “I am sorry for your loss” is enough.

Dress Appropriately

The expectations for how you dress may vary, depending on the family organizing the service. Traditional funerals require you to wear all black, but most funerals today have moved away from this dress code. The general rule is to dress conservatively and properly and make sure to avoid casual wear like flip flops and t-shirts.

In most cases, people still prefer to wear dark colors, such as grey and dark blue, and avoid bright colors. However, in some cases, families may have specific requests on what to wear.

Sending Flowers

Sending flowers to a funeral home in Lincolnwood, Illinois is a common gesture to send your condolences to the deceased's family. However, this is not appropriate for Jewish funerals due to differences in religious and cultural beliefs. In such cases, you can instead send a charitable donation in place of the flowers.

Turning Your Phone Off

Make sure to turn your phone off before entering the Lincolnwood funeral home. Checking your phone during the service is highly disrespectful, so some people opt not to bring their phones at all or leave them in the car.

Finding the Right Seat

If this is your first time attending a funeral in Lincolnwood, Illinois, you might be confused about where you should sit. Generally, the rule is that the first few rows will be for family members—the first row for immediate family, and the second or succeeding rows behind extended family.

Beyond this, there are no other specific rules on seating arrangements in funerals. You can look for a seat towards the back or wait for family members to be seated to find an empty spot.

Looking for the Most Trusted Funeral Home in Lincolnwood, Illinois?

Many people who have never attended a funeral service in the past worry that they might make a mistake that sends the wrong message. As such, keeping these funeral etiquette tips in mind will help you avoid uncomfortable situations as you pay your respects.

Do you have any additional questions that were not addressed above? As the most trusted funeral home in Lincolnwood, Illinois area, we here at Cooney Funeral Home would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today at (847) 685-1002 to get in touch with our staff.

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