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Published: December 24, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Cremation services in Niles Illinois

According to a recent report, more than half of all Americans prefer to be cremated when they die. This percentage is expected to continue rising, and it’s estimated that over 60% of Americans will choose cremation by 2025. As experts revealed, one of the driving factors for this change is cost.

Like most parts of the country, cremation services in Niles, Illinois are increasing in demand. Below, we’re going to explain which documents you’ll need to gather before you proceed with your loved one’s cremation service in Niles, Illinois.

Death Certificate

The death certificate is probably the most important document required by funeral homes in Niles when someone passes away. It is a legal document signed by a medical practitioner and usually released by the registration office. On the certificate, the name, time, date, and location of death, as well as the cause, is stated.

In Niles, Illinois, the death certificate is usually released in five to seven days.

Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

The birth certificate and social security card are also requested by your funeral home in Niles, Illinois. A recent photo is needed, as well. These documents are required as soon as possible to register the death and for funeral service arrangements.

If you don’t have original copies of the needed papers, you can request them from the state’s Registrar.

Marriage Certificate (If Applicable)

In the case of a spouse’s death, a marriage certificate is required. It is important so you can process the funeral as the next of kin and handle your loved one’s finances.

If you don’t have the needed document, you can easily contact the Division of Vital Records Office and obtain one in person or online.

Military Discharge Papers (If Applicable)

If the deceased has served in the military, a copy of their discharge papers is needed for veteran benefits. This document is also known as DD-214. To obtain financial assistance and other benefits, your chosen cremation services in Niles, Illinois, need to contact and notify the Veterans Administration first.

Life or Funeral Insurance Policies (If Applicable)

Funeral insurance covers the cost of cremation services when the policyholder dies. But in the absence of funeral insurance, life insurance may be used instead. Thus, such policies should be submitted to the funeral home along with the other required documents.

Will (If Applicable)

The will declares who holds the deceased assets after death. It is a legal document that states the distribution of property and possessions that a loved one left behind. Without it, the surviving family might face problems starting the funeral arrangements.

Deed to Cemetery Property (If Applicable)

When your loved one has a deed to cemetery property, you can use that plot to bury the inurned remains. But if you don’t plan on using it, a transfer of ownership of the deed can be arranged.

List of Surviving Relatives

The surviving family includes the spouse, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, parents, and siblings listed in this order. This list is often needed when writing an obituary.

Having all the necessary documents may not be easily achieved, especially when death comes unexpectedly. As such, it is important to organize all important paperwork and keep it somewhere safe but accessible if it is suddenly needed.

Looking for Cremation Services in Niles, Illinois? Contact Cooney Funeral Home

Once you have everything ready, your cremation service provider in Niles, Illinois will be able to proceed with the service. If you are looking for a funeral home in Niles that you can turn to for assistance, look no further than Cooney Funeral Home. With over 80 years of service, we know how to provide the highest degree of care and comfort. Contact us today at 847-685-1002 to learn how we can help.

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