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Published: August 24, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Funreal planning at a funeral home in North Park, Chicago

Funeral planning is something that most people avoid. After all, death is not a pleasant topic to talk about. However, if you live with an older adult in North Park, Chicago, making funeral arrangements ahead of time means you’ll be able to carry out their exact wishes when the time comes. In addition, it will eliminate any guesswork that could be a major source of stress when the inevitable happens.

Discussing plans and identifying the best funeral home in North Park, Chicago ahead of time means you won’t have to make major decisions during the time of mourning. Remember, as the caregiver of an older individual or a terminally sick person, you don’t just take care of their daily essentials — it’s also your responsibility to plan for the future. To avoid the common challenges of making last-minute funeral preparations, here are four helpful tips that can make funeral planning a lot easier.

1. Make Funeral Plans in Advance

Though no one knows when death will come, plans made in advance will minimize your burdens. While it is difficult to discuss matters pertaining to death, it is harder to make funeral decisions when mourning the loss of a loved one. It can be very emotionally draining. No matter the circumstance, this can make decisions difficult. It would be better to plan a will, settle the estate, and finalize arrangements ahead with a reputable funeral home in North Park, Chicago.

2. Set a Manageable Budget

Funerals in North Park, Chicago, or anywhere in the United States, can be expensive with the casket, embalming procedures, visitation, flowers, etc. However, with proper preparation, you can minimize the costs. To facilitate a seamless process, you must identify your budget. To help with expenses, it could help to consider insurance or a burial policy. Setting your expectations in advance can help you avoid making hasty decisions that often cost more.

3. Talk About Important Issues

It can be difficult to have an honest talk about death. However, it’s important to be open about this important issue, especially when taking care of someone terminally ill or advanced in age. Ask them what their wishes are so you can help fulfill them. Do they want a cremation or burial in North Park, Chicago, as the final disposition method? Will they appreciate a big gathering or prefer a few close family members and friends? Discussing specific wishes helps you mitigate disagreements between the bereaved family members who all have varying ideas.

4. Organize and File the Crucial Information

It is important to organize important documents. Collate and file all the vital information so you can easily handle everything should something happen. Don’t forget to speak about the will, estate info, bank details, deeds, titles, or even passwords of digital accounts. Filing personal data is vital in helping you finalize the deceased’s affairs long after the funeral is over. Make sure you keep everything in a secure location that you can readily access if you need them.

Contact the Top-Rated Funeral Home in North Park, Chicago for Assistance with Funeral Planning

If you need help with funeral planning in North Park, Chicago, give our team at Cooney Funeral Services a call. Making these types of decisions now will free up time for your loved ones to grieve when the time comes. As the top-rated funeral home in North Park, Chicago, we have helped countless individuals through the funeral planning process, and we would be happy to do the same for you. Contact us today at 773-588-5850 to get started.

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