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Published: August 9, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Cremation service at a funeral home in Portage Park, Chicago

Today, cremation services in Portage Park, Chicago have become increasingly popular. Cremation as a final disposition method is more affordable than a burial service. With this approach, you don't have to buy a plot of land, you don’t have to pay for embalming services, and you can eliminate the purchase of a casket. Cremations can honor your loved one as well as burial services. And in many cases, you have more options than the traditional burial services.

Families can have the option to take home the ashes of their deceased loved ones. As one of the oldest funeral homes in Portage Park, Chicago, we have seen people come up with unique ways to memorialize cremation remains. Below, we’re going to review five meaningful ways to memorialize your loved one’s remains. It’s important to remember that you don't have to keep them in an urn. Instead, you can opt to memorialize the remains in a personal and special way that will help you find closure and healing.

Scatter the Ashes in a Special Location

Choose a very special location that's important for you and the deceased. You can choose to scatter the ashes in a thoughtful ceremony, or you can choose to do it alone. For example, you can release the ashes on your family's land or a private garden.

However, if you intend to scatter the ashes in another person's property, it would be best to ask the owner. Similarly, if you release the ashes in any public area in Portage Park, Chicago, it would be prudent to ask permission from the local municipality.

Create Unique Memorial Jewelry

After the cremation services in Portage Park, Chicago, you may consider having some part of the remains turned into memorial jewelry. Through this method, you can always keep your loved one with you. This unique piece of jewelry usually comes with a small compartment that holds a tiny bit of the ashes. It can be either a:

· Necklace

· Bracelet

· Anklet

· Locket

You will find many memorial keepsake shops online that offer this meaningful jewelry.

Go On a Relaxing Trip

It is common for the bereaved family to take a trip to unwind after the memorial services in Portage Park, Chicago. You can opt to take the remains on a road trip with you as you traverse scenic places. You can even choose to scatter the ashes in different places.

Take note: If you plan to ride an airplane, TSA has special regulations for transporting remains and urns. But with ample preparation, you can have that amazing farewell trip you desire.

Plant as a Flower or Tree

Consider turning the ashes into a living urn. Instead of placing it in a fancy urn, choose a biodegradable one. You can bury the urn with a tree or flower seedling in a meaningful location that you can easily visit. This eco-friendly option can serve as a symbol of your loved one's spirit.

Release as a Stunning Fireworks Display

Finally, you can celebrate the life of your deceased loved one by holding a fireworks display in Portage Park, Chicago. However, instead of the standard fireworks, you can mix the ashes strategically with your fireworks paraphernalia. This is certainly a unique and beautiful way to scatter the ashes and honor the memory of a departed loved one.

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