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Published: February 9, 2022
by Cooney Funeral Home
Funeral home in Jefferson Park Chicago

When planning a funeral service in Jefferson Park, the funeral home you choose is essential. Whether you are pre-planning your funeral service arrangements or are just beginning to consider options for a loved one, your funeral director will work closely with you to ensure that everything goes as planned.

The question is: how do you find the right funeral home? Below, we are going to discuss five important things you should consider when choosing a funeral home in Jefferson Park, Chicago.

1. Good Reviews

You can find all types of businesses in your area — including funeral homes — by conducting a cursory search on the internet. Look up the funeral homes in your area and see what people say about their services. A reputable funeral home with a caring and compassionate staff should have positive reviews and respond positively to negative ones. If you are concerned about a particular review and are still considering using that funeral home, be sure to bring it up when speaking with the director or staff member.

It is worth noting that reviews are not the be-all and end-all for every business. While it is smart to read the negative reviews to evaluate precisely why some clients were dissatisfied, it is also smart to read the positive reviews — the reasons may surprise you. Reviews are a good place to start your search for the right funeral home in Jefferson Park, Chicago, but you should also consider visiting the funeral home in person to get a first-hand experience.

2. Transparent Costs

Most funeral homes in Jefferson Park, Chicago charge a “basic service fee,” which typically includes the cost of:

● Funeral planning

● Getting necessary permits and the death certificate

● Preparing the death notice

● Holding the remains

● Coordinating arrangements with the cemetery or crematory

● A portion of the overhead

Your funeral director must be forthright about the cost of each additional service not covered under the basic service fee. Things to consider are flowers, coffins, headstones, and other memorabilia. Obtaining this information in advance can help determine which funeral home best meets your needs at the most affordable price.

3. Affordable Pricing

You may have a limited budget for your funeral service arrangements, or your loved one may have left you a specific amount to spend on them. Regardless, your funeral home should work around your budget. It is important that you clearly communicate your budget and vision for the funeral service to your funeral director. Though you may have to make some concessions if certain options are simply not within your budget, a reputable funeral home in Jefferson Park, Chicago will do everything possible to ensure that your planned service turns into a reality.

4. Customization

Your funeral director should be attentive to you and your loved one’s wishes. The service format should ultimately be as unique as you want. If you are planning a unique funeral service, speak with the funeral homes in your area or read online reviews to determine which ones will be able to accommodate you. When in doubt, visit the funeral home in person and inquire about your options.

5. Religious and Cultural Accommodation

Special considerations and arrangements must be made for members of certain religions and cultures. Due to the importance of funeral services to people, your Jefferson Park funeral home should be able to take care of everything with the utmost respect. This also falls under the funeral home’s ability to tailor a service to specific needs. The best way to determine whether a funeral home can accommodate the needs of a particular culture or religion is to simply ask.

Looking for the Most Trusted Funeral Home in Jefferson Park, Chicago?

Whether you are planning a future service or need to make arrangements for a loved one, researching your funeral home options is important. As the most trusted funeral home in Jefferson Park, Chicago, the staff at Cooney Funeral Home is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the funeral planning process. Contact us today at (773) 588-5850 to learn how we can help.

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