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Published: January 9, 2022
by Cooney Funeral Home
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Funeral homes have many people working behind the scenes to make sure your loved one is taken care of and remembered in a special way. One of these is the mortuary cosmetologist, who performs the cosmetic services necessary to prepare a deceased person for a funeral service. This career may seem extreme to some, but many people do not realize that there’s an art and beauty to the profession. To give you a better understanding, this funeral home in Edison Park, Chicago is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about the role of a mortuary cosmetologist.

How to Become a Mortuary Cosmetologist

Working as a mortuary cosmetologist in Edison Park, Chicago is not for everyone. But much like regular makeup artists and cosmetologists, mortuary cosmetologists have extensive training when it comes to applying makeup, styling hair, painting nails, and performing other similar procedures.

However, the main difference is that mortuary cosmetologists aim to make a deceased look as natural as possible — like how they looked when they were alive. You do not necessarily need to be a makeup artist or cosmetology school graduate to take up this role.

Of course, if you go to beauty school and have skills working as a makeup artist, that will give you an advantage. People who take this route often end up working as independent contractors instead of in a specific funeral home, but the choice is entirely yours.

As mentioned, attending beauty school is not a must. The alternative route is to become a licensed embalmer in a funeral home in Edison Park, Chicago. You need a degree in mortuary science to get an embalmer license and a job in a funeral home. Embalmers oversee the process of preserving bodies, so in some cases, they also take the role of cosmetologist.

Like other cosmetologists, mortuary cosmetologists also pursue continuing education to improve their craft and technique. Whether you work independently or in a funeral home in Edison Park, Chicago, there’s always room for improvement.

Art Behind Mortuary Cosmetologists

To many people, the work of a mortuary cosmetologist in Edison Park, Chicago, is to apply makeup to a deceased person. However, if you ask people in this profession about it, you will often hear about how they take pride in their jobs. To them, they see it as an honor to be given this role during one of the final moments before a person is buried.

Naturally, mortuary cosmetologists have cosmetology skills and knowledge. However, more than this, one crucial trait they should possess is empathy. Part of this role means talking to family members to know how they want their loved ones to look in their final moments. In a way, cosmetologists see this work as closure to help friends and family see and feel that the deceased is at peace.

As in regular cosmetology, mortuary makeup is considered an art. It takes skill and a good eye for detail to learn how to make a deceased person look lifelike even in their last moments. This can include making the skin look supple, fixing discolorations, and other similar procedures.

Looking for the Premier Funeral Home in Edison Park, Chicago?

As you can see, there’s more to mortuary cosmetology in Edison Park, Chicago, than applying makeup to a deceased person. Are you looking to plan a funeral service for a loved one? If so, and if you’re looking for the premier funeral home in Edison Park, Chicago, look no further than Cooney Funeral Home. Contact us today at (773) 588-5850 to learn how we can assist you.

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