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Published: October 9, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Cremation funeral service pre-planning in Norridge, Illinois

Cremation services are becoming a more common option as opposed to traditional burial services. In fact, the National Funeral Directors Association predicts that 71% of people in the United States will choose cremation for their end-of-life decision by 2030.

When it comes to end-of-life arrangements, it’s important to take your time when searching for the right funeral home. When pre-planning a cremation service in Norridge, Illinois, most people will have a lot of questions. However, the right funeral home provider will be able to help you through it. We’re going to discuss everything you should know below.

Common Questions Regarding the Cremation Process

Before hiring a cremation service, here’s what you need to ask to ensure that the body of your loved one is taken care of properly.

What is the body preparation process for the cremation? Before identification, the body is cleaned, bathed, and dressed. The embalming process is optional and should only be done if you opted for public viewing. Prosthetics, jewelry, and other medical devices present are also removed before the cremation process.

How will the body be identified and confirmed if it is your loved one? Strict procedures are done to ensure that remains are properly taken care of. Most identification regulations vary by state or based on industry recommendations. One typical procedure done is having a family member confirm the identity. A metal tag is then attached to the body and kept throughout the cremation process, including the remains.

What happens to other remains that are left after cremation? Normally, cremated remains are referred to as ashes, and those that are left behind are bones. A special processor is used to grind these fragments into what will then be called “cremains”.

Tips When Choosing the Right Cremation Services

Pre-planning your cremation service in Norridge eliminates a future burden from those who you leave behind. Making decisions and dealing with final arrangements during a time of grief makes things harder for anyone.

With several available cremation services in Norridge, picking one that offers the best services can be quite challenging, here are a few tips for your consideration:

1. Know the services you want to get. Cremation service providers in Norridge, Illinois, offer different options for clients. For instance, there are cremation providers that do not include bio cremation in their services, which could be something that you might want. In addition, others would like to hold a funeral, so it’s better to check if your chosen cremation provider delivers both services.

2. Check if the rates match your budget. Budget can be a major deciding factor for some, and since you are planning for a future occurrence, prices can still fluctuate. Research the different rates per cremation service being offered to align it with your budget. Choose a Norridge, Illinois cremation provider with quality services and options at reasonable rates.

3. Visit the cremation facility. One sure way to ensure that the cremation provider is the right one will be to check the actual facilities. For Norridge, Illinois cremation providers, some factors to consider are the cleanliness of the entire space, the professionalism of the staff, and how they acknowledge your questions and concerns regarding your chosen service. Another thing to consider is if they use an on-site crematory. Finally, ask thorough questions regarding the entire cremation process.

Are You Ready to Pre-Plan a Cremation Service in Norridge, Illinois?

Pre-planning a cremation service in Norridge, Illinois can give you peace of mind in the future. With that said, it’s important to pick the right funeral home that offers the services you desire, provides cost-efficient services, and operates with a high level of professionalism.

If you’re ready to start planning, Cooney Funeral Home is here to help. Contact us today at (847) 685-1002 to get started.

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