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Published: September 9, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Funeral home in Park Ridge, Illinois

Planning a funeral has always been difficult, but the pandemic has made things even more complicated. Given the need to be cautious during COVID-19, you may be wondering how you should proceed with planning a funeral? While there are new challenges to navigate during these trying times, you can still pay tribute to your loved ones in a special way.

Below, this funeral home in Park Ridge, Illinois is going to provide some ideas on how you can plan a memorable funeral service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check the Local Regulations

Start by checking up on state regulations to get familiar with the current rules for holding a funeral service in Park Ridge, Illinois. Based on the latest advice from the Illinois Department of Public Health, virtual services and gatherings are recommended. However, should you push through with an in-person service, you must wear masks and remain six-feet apart from others.

These rules are subject to change based on how the COVID-19 situation progresses in different areas. Thus, before you plan anything, make sure you check them out.

Determine the Type of Funeral

It’s best to explore your funeral options in Park Ridge, Illinois before proceeding to make plans. Generally, you can go with one of these three options:

1. Fully Virtual

To maintain the safety of funeral staff and family members, many funeral services are being conducted virtually during the pandemic. Many funeral homes in Park Ridge, Illinois have shifted to online services to adapt to the changes, so it is worth considering this option. It will be the safest since it limits physical contact and reduces the risk of transmission.

While the virtual service is less formal since it is held over a teleconferencing app, it can still be personalized. You can design a programmed event to include things like a slideshow, speeches, and music to honor your loved one.

2. Hybrid

You can also consider doing a mix of in-person and online service. A limited number of family members will be there for the service and the others will attend through a teleconference.

Due to travel restrictions and limitations in the size of gatherings, this option can serve as a good compromise. It allows you to capture the intimacy of an in-person service while also allowing all relatives to take part. If you want to set up this type of funeral, make sure to ask your funeral home if they have the adequate means to set up a livestream during the service.

3. In-Person and Future Virtual

Like the hybrid arrangement, this option consists of an in-person and virtual service. However, the main difference is that the virtual event occurs on a different date. The in-person service in Park Ridge, Illinois, will first be held with a few family members, then a personalized service is later held online to invite a larger group of people.

Encourage Participation

One of the main barriers to online gatherings is the lack of human connection, so one way to remedy this is to encourage participation from as many people as possible. If you plan to do a virtual service, get input from everyone who played a role in the deceased person’s life.

Whether it be family members, relatives, or close friends, ask them if they want to give a speech or recollection or if they have suggestions on how the event can be organized. It is undoubtedly difficult to create the same experience as an in-person service when doing it online; however, involving everyone in the process is one way to recreate the intimacy.

Plan a Funeral Service with the Top-Rated Funeral Home in Park Ridge, Illinois

The pandemic has forced people to adapt to abrupt changes, so when planning a funeral, you’ll also need to navigate new challenges. As the top-rated funeral home in Park Ridge, Illinois, the staff at Cooney Funeral Home is here to help you organize a personalized service that matches your wishes and requirements. Contact us today at (847) 685-1002 to learn how we can help.

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