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Published: July 24, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Memorial service at a funeral home in Norridge, Illinois

Organizing a Catholic funeral service in Norridge, Illinois during a time of great sadness is a tough undertaking. Although arranging a funeral service can be a difficult and emotional experience for you and your family, it is a necessary step in the healing process. Whether you are arranging a funeral ahead of time or after the death of a loved one, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you avoid any funeral planning oversights.

Explore Funeral Providers

Previous experience with the funeral home, location, familiarity with the funeral director, and reputation are the four main reasons people choose a certain funeral home. Taking the time to compare funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries in Norridge, Illinois can help you save money and find the best option for your requirements.

Following Catholic tradition, the deceased are typically buried right after the funeral. Most families find solace and closure in such a memorial service. The cremation services and cost of burial vary greatly depending on which funeral home you choose, so it’s best to explore different providers to compare rates.

Ask Questions

If you’re making funeral preparations following the death of a loved one, you can take a friend or relative with you to the funeral arrangement meeting if you want a second opinion, or if you would like emotional support.

Asking questions about the service can help you avoid problems down the road. The funeral home should answer all your questions and never hurry you into any decision while you are preparing. Generally, your funeral home in Norridge, Illinois should offer a variety of tools to guide you through the process of organizing a service for yourself or a loved one.

Inform Your Friends and Family About Your Loved One's Death

With so many decisions to make in such a short amount of time, it’s sometimes easy to forget to inform key individuals of your loved one's death. Take some time to make a list of who needs to be informed about the death. When it comes to pre-planning a funeral in Norridge, Illinois, having a list like this prepared ahead of time can be beneficial.

You can include families, coworkers and past coworkers, friends, and organizations and charities in your list. Write down the names and contact information for the persons and organizations on the list, then send it to a trusted family member or friend who can contact them.

Share Your Funeral Wishes with Family Members

Perhaps you have given some consideration to your funeral, down to the music you would like to hear, the flower arrangements, and the clothing you would like to wear. That said, have you considered how you can express your funeral wishes?

Some people may state their wishes casually or just pick burial or cremation and believe that is all that is required. Family members who are grieving may argue about what they believe you wanted or forget what you stated you wanted. You relieve your family of the stress and eliminate the uncertainty by informing your relatives and preparing your arrangements with a funeral home in Norridge, Illinois.

Looking for a Catholic Funeral Home in Norridge, Illinois?

Starting the process of arranging a catholic funeral service in Norridge, Illinois can certainly be stressful. However, by following the tips reviewed above, you will be able to organize a thoughtful and memorable funeral service that celebrates your loved one. Our compassionate staff at Cooney Funeral Home is here to assist with all your Catholic funeral service planning needs. Contact us anytime at 847-685-1002 to learn how we can help.

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