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Published: April 9, 2021
by Cooney Funeral Home
Funeral home director at a service in Edison Park, Chicago

Funeral directors are some of the most important people involved in funeral services. They play a very important role in handling many of the things that need to be done after someone passes away. Here is a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities of a funeral director in Edison Park, Chicago.

1. Handling the Corpse

There is a whole set of legal processes involved in handling a corpse, and it’s a funeral director who makes the family aware of each step. If a person dies in a hospital, it is relatively easy for the funeral director to obtain a burial permit. In the case of a death at home, the funeral director may visit the home to escort people to a police station where they can fill out the necessary paperwork. Funeral directors are also responsible for transporting bodies from the place of death to the morgue.

2. Preserving the Corpse

Your funeral home director in Edison Park should be well versed in the field of mortuary science. They should make sure the corpse is properly sanitized, the hair and body are properly dressed, and the corpse is embalmed, if necessary. He or she should also make sure that biomedical waste is properly disposed of.

Many times, there are deceased who suffered from infectious illness. In these cases, funeral directors will need to make sure the body is cared for according to the guidelines issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

3. Planning the Funeral

It is the responsibility of the funeral director to guarantee timely obituaries, chapel decorations, the availability of the pastor, seating arrangements, and help the family decide on the burial or cremation site. Arranging the casket and pallbearers for a burial service is also the job of a funeral director. They should ensure that everything is in place on the day of the funeral.

4. Legal Work

The death of a person is accompanied by cumbersome paperwork. In the event of a hospital death, first, a burial permit is released. Next, your Edison Park funeral director will work with Illinois state officials to prepare a legally valid death certificate. If the deceased had some life insurance in place, funeral directors may be involved in the resolution of the claims.

Sometimes, overseas deaths take place. In these situations, funeral directors will cooperate with overseas undertakers to ensure the timely shipping of the body, along with all the legal paperwork involved to release the body.

5. Implementing Pre-planned Funerals

Today, many people pre-plan their funeral. In some cases, it is only the funeral director who is aware of it. As such, it is his or her responsibility to arrange the funeral according to the deceased’s wishes. This process requires the funeral director to be sensitive to details mentioned by the deceased.

6. Funeral Assistance & Religious Considerations

An Edison Park funeral director will work the family to make sure last rites or other religious ceremonies are administered (if requested). He or she will also educate the family about the differences and benefits of burial, cremation, and eco-burials.

7. Grief Counseling Services

Traditional funeral services are a one-day event, but grief often continues for many days after. Many Edison Park funeral directors offer grief counseling services to families and acquaintances of the deceased. They can offer advice on how to deal with the loss and move forward in a healthy way.

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